Produce Delivery and Pick-up Policy

Members must pick up their produce from their drop site on the day of delivery.

All CSA Members will pick-up their weekly produce at their designated drop site. Members will be notified by e-mail when harvest is ready and delivery will commence.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Shareholders will be notified which 12 weeks vegetables will be available. The availability for pick-ups is dependent upon crop production, frost date, and other environmental stepping stones. By signing up for the Pinckneys Produce CSA, you agree to share the risks of agriculture with the farmers and understand that although Pinckneys Produce will aim to supply an ample quantity of great produce, there is no guarantee that any specific crop, or any specific quantity, will be distributed in the CSA share.

All Pinckney's Produce CSA Memberships are final upon time of sign-up and receipt of payment.

Privacy Policy 

We do not sell your private information, although we may need to contact you regarding your subscription.

Here is our full Privacy Policy.